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Docbase helps organizations and their employees thrive in a world where information is a seamless part of their workflow, rather than an obstacle to overcome.


“The value of DocBase? That we save a whopping 4 hours of administration per car sale. With more than 2,000 cars sold per year, we’re talking about a significant cost savings annually!”

Mark van der Veeken, Teamleider sales support at Smeets Autogroep

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Can we inspire you about what we find important?

When implementing an intelligent document management and workflow system, it’s about timely understanding what lies beneath and needs solving: “You only see it when you get it,” as the late Johan Cruijff said. So, take a moment to look at the photo next to this text. What do you see when you take the time?
With the idea of ‘wanting to look further’ we carry out all our tasks. While you might not immediately get excited about the fact that DocBase is a platform for Data-driven solutions, more than a traditional Document Management System.

The unique aspect is that we have knowledge of processes and workflows in various industries. We can look deeper than just providing technology. And that’s when it gets interesting. We love it when we can ensure that information is collected and managed automatically, resulting in everyone always having access to up-to-date data and being able to collaborate in a secure environment.

Making DocBase work for you?
That’s something you do together.

Solving problems is what drives us; technology is just the tool we rely on. Our people help gather information, store it structurally once, and make it available to everyone. We tackle anything that can be automated or robotized, as that leads to competitive advantages. So, you can focus on your business and receive the right information securely.

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We believe in asking the right questions.


We believe in the power of the team.


We believe that connection leads to success.

How many of these daily challenges do you recognize?

  • Spending too much time on administrative (paper) processes.
  • Discussions about the correct versions of legal documents.
  • Long searches for information due to the numerous systems.
  • Accidentally providing incorrect information to clients.
  • Not being sure that the data is 100% reliable.
  • Information becoming fragmented due to hybrid work.

We solve your challenges!

Searching for documents, files or other forms of information is fortunately a thing of the past because with DocBase, you will find instead of search. It is a secure platform available to everyone anytime, anywhere. By combining data sources, colleagues can rely on up-to-date data and one version of the truth. So, you and your colleagues can make the right decisions!

“During audits at the branches, we used to sift through stacks of paper. Now, it can be done digitally from the workplace. Partly due to the completeness check in DocBase, indicating if everything is present in the file.”

Marijn van Dijk, Manager sales administration at Broekhuis Groep.

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Stop chasing for documents. Focus on the business.

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