Business-oriented working is a way of working that focuses on handling ‘business’ properly and transparently.

Work as you are used to

It is difficult to break habits. Effortlessly clicking to save a document is no exception. Finding it afterward can be a challenge. With DocBase, it's very straightforward!

Automatic version control

Open your document in your folder and continue working. DocBase synchronizes and saves versions, so everyone knows the most recent one. You can also revert to an older version.

Support through notifications

DocBase DMS actively supports your work by sending notifications when you need to take a specific action or when someone else has made a change to a document. Very convenient!

DocBase maakt je werk leuker!

Streamline, monitor, and control the chain process

In most workflow management software, employees receive a task to handle without context information. Is that the case for you too? Not with us. With our DMS, you access documents through the workflow and gain insight into the processes and context of a specific case, enabling you to take the correct next step in the process.

Through an integral and decentralized viewable case file, everyone involved in the case has insight into the progress of delivering the product or service. It’s also possible to grant the customer access to these components. This way, nothing falls through the cracks in the organization.


Working according to laws and regulations

Do you find it challenging to stay informed about all laws and regulations? In our Document Management System, documents are always securely stored and deleted on time. This helps you comply with the latest laws and regulations, such as the GDPR. You no longer have to worry about it. Take a look at our application, for example, within the government.

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Through authentication and automatic deletion, you comply with privacy laws.

Always find everything

All the information is structured and easily retrievable.

Insight and user friendliness

DocBase displays the relevant data per branch or per topic.

Kosten besparen

You spend less time on administrative tasks.

Customer case: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Information management the key success factor for innovation in energy

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency wanted to ensure continuous innovation without people and organizations duplicating efforts. ‘We wanted to be able to regularly see what certain projects or initiatives actually yield. Not necessarily directly in terms of money, also, but more in terms of information and knowledge. We gain that insight with DocBase.’

Jan Boonman, member of the monitoring team

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