“If you add knowledge and experience in software solutions and passion for cars together, you almost automatically end up at Mobility as a Service”

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“If you add knowledge and experience in software solutions and passion for cars together, you almost automatically end up at Mobility as a Service”
Gepubliceerd op June 20, 2024

“After a long career at all kinds of software companies, I decided two and a half years ago to become an entrepreneur myself. I joined DocBase through the Interface group. A great software company that is also active in the automotive market. The opportunity to combine my great passion for cars with entrepreneurship. With DocBase we support car dealers in automating and optimizing their administrative processes. When selling a car you will have to deal with many documents, all of which must be included in the file. We counted that this is an average of 40 different documents and they all come from different systems. In the age of AI, it is absolutely no longer necessary for organizations to fill in files manually.” These are the words of Alexander Molhuysen – Commercial Director at DocBase. In this blog, Molhuysen explains what his drive is and how DocBase makes the work of car dealers easier and, above all, more fun.

Mobility as a Service

“After studying law at the University of Groningen, I literally entered the business world. At various software companies I gained experience in geographic information systems (GIS), New Business Development, Management, B2B and Business Development. In addition, I have always been crazy about cars. Especially the classics from the eighties. How nice is it that I now visit dealers where there is always an old timer in the showroom. Not only the cars themselves, but also the stories behind them intrigue me. History, experience and emotion are often topics of discussion among car enthusiasts. Of course, new cars are full of fantastic technological innovations, but the classics have a great story. Car companies like Van Mossel also have that passion. At the head office in Waalwijk there is the most beautiful car from every brand. For enthusiasts like me, a real paradise, then choose which car is your favorite.”

Riding in memories

Molhuysen likes to talk about his passion for cars: “I personally love the Saab 900 convertible. When I drive around in it I get so many nice reactions from people. It is a beautiful car, and it is not without reason that we chose it as our bridal car. 
 And so everyone has a memory of a certain period in his or her life and the car that goes with it. Driving vintage cars is beautiful but also very expensive and 99% of the time it stands still. There could be another way, I thought.

For example, together with a few friends, I founded a company that makes it possible for people to drive their favorite Oldtimer for a while. Mobility as a Service for classic cars. So the benefits and not the burdens.”

Use cars with one click

“I believe that the future is really going to change. Ownership is of secondary importance. Usage, efficiency and sustainability will play an important role. We need a small vehicle for the city, spacious and strong for moving, luxurious and fast for a round of the Autobahn,” predicts Molhuysen. “Dealers used to arrange everything from their branch. Purchasing, sales, after-sales, stock management, workshop and administration. The purchase of a car is central. That is changing rapidly. Technology will make it possible to offer tailor-made mobility and everything can be arranged via the app at the touch of a button. As a technology company, we will respond to this and become a partner of all dealerships. They are and will remain the retail specialists and will serve this market.”

The data specialist of Europe

“The DocBase platform supports car dealers in successfully digitizing, managing and unlocking data. Processes are automated and optimized, systems are connected so that files and documents are filled from any location and are immediately available digitally. We already do this in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. We are now also active in Copenhagen and our mission is to be a leading software supplier throughout Europe that steers the automotive industry into the future with the smart management, enrichment and use of data.”

Became curious? 

If you ask a car dealer what he likes most about his job, you will hear things like: “Working with customers. Knowing all the ins & outs of a car and then conveying them well in a sales conversation. Gain trust by being transparent and sincere. Conclude a nice service contract when selling or leasing.” What you never hear is: “Arrange all the paperwork in so many different systems.” DocBase helps with digitizing and automating document flows. “Think of quotes, appraisals, financing, RDW registrations and/or cancellations, calculations.”

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Alexander Molhuysen
Commercieel Directeur

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