Optimizing document-intensive processes with DocBase

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Optimizing document-intensive processes with DocBase
Gepubliceerd op October 12, 2023

Automating sales files is what we help car dealer organizations with. We described this in our previous blog. In this article we delve deeper into the implementation of DocBase and how optimizing document-intensive processes works. Discover the different phases of the implementation process and the positive results achieved for the automotive industry. 

A soft blueprint is already in place.

We know how the automotive industry works and which systems are used. The links with these systems, such as Autoline, are also already in place. This allows the exchange of data between these systems, or data warehouses, to take place with DocBase. With the experiences we have gained with similar customers, an implementation does not have to take months. Roughly speaking, three phases can be distinguished: 

Phase 1: the analysis phase – introducing efficiency

First of all, we jointly map the existing IT systems and their use during a workshop. It is important to experience which fields in systems, such as Autoline, are important, so that we can later determine a logical link or business rule. During the analysis phase, we also investigate whether existing processes are logical by talking to users. As an example, it may turn out that the manual process has too many approval processes. This prevents unnecessary processes from being digitized. 

Phase 2: testing step-by-step improvements – continuity to the existing process.

After the analysis phase, step-by-step, gradual improvements are proposed and the DocBase design is adapted to the specific situation within your company. This way, existing work processes are not put under pressure. By incrementally setting up and doing various tests, our experience is that customers have a working system in a relatively short time (ten to fifteen days).

This is an important advantage compared to competitive systems, which often require expensive consultants for months to set up a complete document management system and the associated automated document-driven work processes.

Phase 3: fine-tuning the solution – a continuous process.

The mentioned phases are all supported by a highly experienced consultant in the field of document management. Even after the setup, discussions with users will continue to take place to keep the document management system up to date or to further develop it. A major advantage of DocBase is its flexibility: you can decide at any time to make customizations. 

Simplicity is our preference.

If there is incomplete data, other data sources can also be queried. Or, for example, we can provide beautiful dashboards. However, our position is that you do not necessarily need this if your sales files are complete. If your sales files are always correct, i.e. up to date, you do not have to monitor them extra. You can trust that everything is correct. 

What are the results after an implementation?

Grip and overview of all sales files is an important result, which has even more positive effects, including:

  • Happy customers, because no more missing data provided that the salesperson or office employee responds correctly to the automatically generated notifications.
  • A faster sales process: being able to serve more customers in the same time.
  • Difficult conversations with auditors are avoided because sales files are complete.
  • Portability of files: colleagues, even from other locations, can view sales files if they are authorized to do so.
  • Commercial employees can carry out their administrative work from a hybrid workplace (at home, at the office or on the road).
  • Being able to handle more sales with the same amount of people; For example, the office staff of one of our customers was able to double the volume of sales files processed without additional manpower.

Knowing more?

Please contact us or download the Broekhuis Groep case study here to learn from their experiences. Because if you work proactively on automated sales files, they will be complete sooner, the auditor will be happy, and cars will be ordered, delivered and paid for more quickly. Moreover, you make working together a lot more fun, because no one wants to address a colleague about the fact that their work is incomplete.

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