Generative AI revolution in the Automotive Industry: more customer value, fewer administrative tasks!

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Generative AI revolution in the Automotive Industry: more customer value, fewer administrative tasks!
Gepubliceerd op February 7, 2024

The wave of generative AI innovations continues to turn the (business) world upside down. Research from McKinsey predicts that generative AI could add $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in value annually to various industries. The way we have worked for years is changing due to AI in almost all sectors. The automotive industry is also embracing the AI ​​revolution with open arms! Read some examples of generative AI in this blog, but also what this will mean for service, sales and customer contact.

Examples of generative AI

Generative AI is used in design and prototyping of new vehicles, creating aerodynamic shapes, efficient interior space layouts and even designing engine parts. AI algorithms can generate and evaluate thousands of designs to identify the best options based on specified criteria such as efficiency, cost, sustainability and aesthetics. The result is beautiful and sustainable cars.

 In addition, generative AI is used to predict when vehicles or their parts require maintenance. By analyzing large amounts of data, such as sensor readings and maintenance history, AI can identify potential problems before they become serious. This helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs. A lot will change in the field of service provision due to the use of generative AI. But what about the use of AI in the sales department?

AI-driven sales files

Sales files driven by AI are not something of the future: it is something that is already integrated into our DocBase solution. The results are astonishing: experience shows that the administrative burden is reduced by up to 4 hours per car sold! But AI not only delivers cost savings, it also serves customers better. For example, because AI technology analyzes customer data, you can communicate with customers faster, more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. If customer behavior is known, as a car dealer you can also create personalized sales files, without having to do much yourself. 

Based on customer preferences, you can also make personalized recommendations for vehicle models, configurations and options that are most likely to match the customer’s interests. This improves the customer experience and increases your sales opportunities.

What will you do to save administrative costs and serve customers (even) better?

That is quite a current question. Many car brands are shifting to an agency model, which may make it even more important as a car dealer to maintain customer loyalty. Those who understand what the customer wants have a greater chance of retaining him/her. Moreover, it is interesting to consider how many additional cars can be sold if so many hours of administration time are saved per car seller. A calculation is quickly made. 

A human conversation about something artificial

We would like to discuss this with you personally. Even if only to learn from it and refine our DocBase solution even further. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further. 

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