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We start by brainstorming a solid digital structure within your organization together with you. Our years of experience in structuring digital information form the basis for this.

Cost savings

Together, we align on the extent to which the software is tailored for your company and what can potentially be added later, so you don't immediately face extremely high purchase costs.

Shorter lead times

We not only train users but also one or more administrators. So, in the future, you can make changes yourself and be less dependent on support from consultants.


DocBase ensures that your company can make the most of the software. After employees have worked with our software for some time, we schedule an evaluation moment to fine-tune the details.

Documents are still a crucial carrier of information

Document Management

Often losing a document? Sent the wrong quote to a customer? Insecure storage of employee files? Incorrect versions of manuals available for customers? Clear, digital files save employees a lot of time and effort. And for the organization, that means a lot of money. DocBase organizes the entire information flow of various documents and for different departments within your organization.

DocBase supports various work processes: for example, you receive an email notification if a document is missing from a file. Also, each document clearly indicates its status, who has access to it, or who has signed it.

DocBase helps you structure information and documents so you can move from searching to finding. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

All branches
All branches

Working with templates

Do you want to maintain the same corporate identity to appear professional to your customers? Does your organization create many documents for customers? Do you spend a lot of time formatting contracts or quotes?

With DocBase X-Forms, you can easily create documents. The corporate identity is also immediately available in MS Word when using X-Forms. In a template. You add the correct information and save it in the right place. This ensures brand experience and consistency in your communication. You save double work and have time for other tasks.

Have you just sent a quote? Then X-Forms automatically saves it under the right customer. With X-Forms, you can quickly, flawlessly, and easily create letters, quotes, contracts, or memos.

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Enterprise Search

Are you wasting a lot of time searching for content? Has your organization also collected a lot of information and built multiple data systems over the years? It may be that relevant information for decision-making is difficult to find or even entirely missing. With Enterprise Search Software, you can organize both structured and unstructured data within your organization.

An Enterprise Search solution is a powerful tool to search through all those complex data systems. In a secure, fast, and easy-to-manage way. The types of documents we’re talking about range from the familiar Word and Excel documents to emails, XML files, video, and audio. In your search results, you get all items that appear at least once. So it saves everyone a lot of time; time that can be used for more important matters.

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Through authentication and automatic deletion, you comply with privacy laws.

Insight and user friendliness

All the information is structured and easily retrievable.

Insight and ease of use

DocBase displays the relevant data per branch or per topic.

Save costs

You spend less time on administrative tasks.

Overview of our DocBase customer cases


“As a corporate Document Management system, DocBase meets our strict requirements and enables us to provide our organization with good, stable, and integrated ICT solutions. Equally important; the controlled path to less paper storage and the clearing of filing cabinets and spaces has been definitively and seriously undertaken with DocBase, with only benefits for everyone. And that’s what matters”

Marcelle Zeddeman, servicemanager at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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All branches

Financial services

“Thanks to DocBase and the secure hosted environment, we can perform this work in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Regarding privacy: we are an outsourcing party for our clients, so once files are handled, all information about them is deleted. This model brings together personal approach and the most effective automation. DocBase is an extremely important tool in this entire model for us. It is affordable, adaptable, and leads to optimal process control”

Bas van Pelt, Co-Founder of Netvice

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An academic hospital in Belgium has been using DocBase for over ten years for all non-patient-related documentation. It is crucial to use the correct protocols of the moment, for example, for cleaning a dialysis machine. DocBase supports the process of version control and digital review. It also tracks whether the correct paper version (a requirement in the hospital) is present at the respective device. This is quality management at its best.

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All branches

Membership organizations

DocBase is also suitable for use as a CRM solution. The largest membership organization in the Netherlands manages its four million members with DocBase X-Forms. DocBase automatically stores sent letters with the respective members. Another membership organization provides crucial information to hundreds of care specialists in the mental health sector through DocBase by integrating it with their intranet.

“The acceptance of the system is much greater than we expected. People see that it just works, and that is favorable because this implementation of DocBase saves the organization a lot of time and money. And if there’s one thing we don’t have in healthcare, it’s time and money…”

Bob Gerzon, Executive Secretary at GGZ Nederland

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“In environments like ours, our quality documents must be easily accessible, you must always have the correct version, and you need to know the history of such a document. DocBase keeps track of all of that perfectly. An additional advantage is being able to fill in the sampling forms online and store the reflection of it in DocBase. Fully paperless work is the future.”

Sipke Talsma, Quality Officer at ALNN

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