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For our customers, we currently process 120,963 sales files per year. These are automatically generated and made centrally available digitally. Data-driven working is a reality in the automotive industry too!


  • Time savings
  • DocBase takes over administration
  • Sales files in order
  • Information available quickly and everywhere
  • Collaboration becomes more enjoyable
  • Sales support

  • Software follows dealer processes
  • Sales files in order
  • Work is made more enjoyable
  • Preparation time for audits is minimized
  • Information is centrally available
  • Management

  • Cost savings
  • Processes and administration in order
  • Management information available
  • Smooth audit processes
  • Compliance with legislation like GDPR/WFS
  • Optimizing DocBase easily with your own profile

    At DocBase, we are aware of the numerous developments in the automotive industry. The intense competition in the electric vehicle sector and the evolution of the agency model are expected to bring about significant changes. But ultimately, you want to sell as many cars as possible at the lowest possible cost. One way is to be relieved of administrative tasks. The problem is that currently, many documents need to be collected at various times from different systems. These documents are scattered and not stored in a structured way. As a result, the file is incomplete, and it takes a lot of time to find the right information. This frustrates you.

    It cannot be the case in this day and age that managing documents takes so much time and effort. Automation comes into play here. We believe in completing files efficiently. We understand that not being able to find information is frustrating. That’s why we have developed DocBase Automotive.


    Phase 1: The Analysis phase – bringing efficiency

    Firstly, we collectively map the existing IT systems and their usage during a workshop. It is important to understand which fields in systems, such as Autoline, are essential so that we can later determine a logical connection or business rule. During the analysis phase, we also examine whether existing processes are logical by engaging with users.

    For example, it may be revealed that the manual process has too many approval processes, preventing unnecessary processes from being digitized.

    Phase 2: Testing incremental improvements – continuity to the existing process

    After the analysis phase, gradual improvements are proposed, and the DocBase setup is adjusted to the specific situation within your company. This way, existing work processes are not put under pressure. By setting up incrementally and conducting various tests, our experience shows that customers can have a working system in a relatively short time (ten to fifteen days).

    This is a significant advantage compared to competitive systems, where often expensive consultants are needed for months to set up a complete document management system and the associated automated document-driven workflows.


    Phase 3: Fine-tuning the solution – a continuous process

    All the mentioned phases are supported by a highly experienced consultant in document management. Even after the setup, conversations with users will continue to keep the document management system up-to-date or further develop it.

    A significant advantage of DocBase is its flexibility: at any time, you can decide to introduce customizations again.

    Prosperity and progress lie in the things that have yet to be made.

    Henry Ford, founder Ford

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    ✔ Together our automotive customers sell 120.963 cars, new and second-hand


    Through authentication and automatic deletion, you comply with privacy laws.

    Always find everything

    All the information is structured and easily retrievable.

    Inzicht en gebruiksgemak

    DocBase displays the relevant data per branch or per topic.

    Save costs

    You spend less time on administrative tasks.

    Klantcase: Broekhuis Groep

    Broekhuis Groep has made significant efficiency gains with DocBase.

    “The investment pays off very quickly, and then you really start saving. Thanks to digital working, all branches now form one agile organization. We can deliver cars faster. Drivers, insurers, and leasing companies are very happy with that.”

    Marijn van Dijk, Manager sales administration at Broekhuis Groep.

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