Want to take a test drive? We do it a little differently…

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Want to take a test drive? We do it a little differently…
Gepubliceerd op June 10, 2024

If you are looking for a new car, the test drive is a crucial moment. It’s the first time you really come into contact with the product, feel its nuances, and decide if the experience matches expectations. A nice brochure does not necessarily mean that the car suits you. That is why we thought it would be interesting to apply this test drive concept to our document management software DocBase, which is now used by many car dealers.

The importance of first impressions

Just like with a car, the first interaction with a document management system is crucial: it must feel right from the start. For car dealers, this means experiencing a system that promises to streamline their sales process, just as a driver experiences the comfort and driving performance of a new car. And oh yes…We are good at navigating, so you don’t have to search for your destination for a long time or be delayed.

The feeling of control

Test driving a car gives the driver a sense of control and insight into how the car responds to their commands. Similarly, a test drive with DocBase offers car dealers the opportunity to see how easily they can take control of their document management beyond just sales files. The feeling of control can also be experienced for, for example, purchasing and warranty files or any other conceivable file that you encounter along the way.

Testing technology and features

During a car test drive, buyers test the different technologies and functions. This is no different with software: we also love to accelerate and deliver top performance. DocBase offers specialized solutions for the automotive sector, such as advanced search capabilities, digital signatures and integrations with other systems.

Slightly different

In all cases we ‘drive’ with you and our test drive does not last several hours. We will do so for free at every car dealer who wants to install DocBase. We configure everything and provide customization where necessary (because our system is flexibly adaptable). In fact, we ensure a smooth road and smooth out possible bumps at an early stage. The result is silent processes. 

Our experience

Experience shows that our ‘car’ almost always has a new owner after a test drive. For example, Mark van der Veeken, Sales Support Team Leader at Smeets Autogroep, indicates that they spend no less than 4 hours less on administration per car sale. With more than 2,000 cars sold per year, ROI was very easy to achieve. 

Would you also like to make a first impression?

Enter your details here and start a test drive that will undoubtedly provide you with comfort, control and cost benefits.

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