An intelligent sales process? Talk to all departments!

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An intelligent sales process? Talk to all departments!
Gepubliceerd op January 3, 2024

In our previous blog, Ria Schagen, Consultant and Project Manager at DocBase, gave eight practical tips about setting up an intelligent Document Management or information system. Her tip 4 was to talk to all departments. That got us thinking. It resulted in this call for sales or account managers to have a cup of coffee with fellow managers more often…  

DocBase is ideal for sales files

To be fair, we have mainly drawn attention to this in recent weeks. Our focus was to automate the time-consuming, often manual, process of sales files at car dealers. In itself, this focus is a logical choice, because being able to spend more time on sales also results in extra money. But this time we call on you to look beyond just commerce and this is why

The power of a flexible system

The interesting thing is that within DocBase you are not stuck with what something is called. This means that ‘a sales file’ can also be a ‘purchase file’ and a sales order or sales invoice can just as easily be a purchase order or purchase invoice. This makes DocBase suddenly also ideal for the purchasing manager, but he/she must be aware of this. 

A second example at car dealers

The sales-purchasing example makes it clear that talking to other departments or colleagues pays off. We recently also arranged the warranty file process at a car dealer. In the past, an employee would visit the branches by car to collect the warranty forms in the event of a claim. A very time-consuming and expensive process. With DocBase, everything surrounding claims and warranties is now fully available in a centralized and securely accessible environment. 

DocBase is ideal for file creation.

Every department that deals with files can benefit from DocBase, for example the HR department that wants to automate HR files. For example, you can ensure that certain fields are always mandatory to fill in, but also that fixed values ​​are filled in automatically. Making the documents in files easy to read is also possible through the link with X-Forms in which templates can be created. That is also a form of automation, convenience and professionalism. 

In summary

In practice, if you do not speak to each other, all kinds of IT-related solutions are often received. This results in complexities, but especially high costs, to connect systems with APIs. Moreover, with one intelligent information system for the entire organization, you will undoubtedly understand each other better when it comes to the desired working method. 

Don’t have time?

If desired, we will come and talk to your fellow manager. Once DocBase is in-house, other departments can benefit from it, step by step. It is also called ‘making even better use of investments already made’

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