This is how you, as a car dealer, secure and enhance your image

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This is how you, as a car dealer, secure and enhance your image
Gepubliceerd op November 20, 2023

Don’t just focus on securing your assets, also secure your image and stand out with customers. For instance, if you optimize the process of your sales files as a car dealer, it significantly impacts your image. Let’s first take a look at two things that all customers desire and expect. Then, we’ll discuss the benefits of an intelligent Document and Information Management System.  

Expectation 1: Excellent customer service and being well-informed at all times

Does it always work out? A positive rating for customer service is compromised when customers don’t receive the right answers on time. In the worst case, there may be a situation where an account manager has taken a folder with customer data home, and no one knows about its existence. Unfortunately, he is sick. If you want to be able to inform customers well at any time, it primarily means that: 

  • You make good agreements among yourselves about how to record something.
  • All information is centrally accessible to those authorized to access it.
  • Account managers automatically receive a message from an intelligent system if something is missing from the sales file (increasing the completeness of information). 

Only then is it possible to see happy faces among customers, as colleagues can cover for each other and provide the right answers more quickly. 

Expectation 2: Ensuring that your data is handled securely

Car dealerships are attractive targets for (cyber)criminals. If personal data, such as private addresses and phone numbers, along with purchase information, is stolen, these gangs quickly know where they can steal expensive cars. How you prevent cyberattacks is by centralizing this type of information in an intelligent system. But there’s something else important: the simpler the setup of the process, the fewer ‘gaps’ there are for cybercriminals to exploit.  

Three benefits of intelligent systems like DocBase

The risk of damage to your image is mitigated by the following three benefits: 

  1. Autorization at a granular document level. This prevents, for example, confidential documents from leaking via an email from an employee. They simply can’t access it.
  2. Secure storage of customer data. With DocBase, you connect to a secure server via a web interface, either on-premise or in the cloud.
  3. DocBase offers intelligent version control. This prevents different versions from being in multiple folders, ensuring the real truth is not missing. Being compliant is certainly part of strengthening your image.

In summary

We believe that your image improves when sales information is available in a central location. This prevents a lot of email traffic, decentralized storage, and therefore a greater risk of cyberattacks. Moreover, your image depends on speed (such as preventing unnecessary waiting times for customers) and the optimal and efficient setup of a well-functioning quality process (especially for auditors).

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