The (hidden) struggle of account managers in the automotive industry

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The (hidden) struggle of account managers in the automotive industry
Gepubliceerd op November 6, 2023

As a salesman at a car dealer you have a great job. You sell something that makes your heart beat faster. At first glance, everything seems glamorous, innovative and rewarding. But anyone who really knows the daily life of an account manager knows that the euphoria before, during and after a new assignment is often overshadowed by piles of (digital) paperwork. Isn’t there any other way?

Putting yourself in the shoes of a commercial employee

Anyone involved in sales will recognize it: administration is a necessary evil. Administrative tasks feel like a wasted opportunity to acquire new customers or strengthen existing relationships. But there is more to say when you step into the shoes of an account manager. 

Less time for creativity

Closing a deal often requires persuasion and the ability to solve problems. Many commercial people are therefore creative thinkers who thrive in situations where they have to adapt, come up with innovative solutions and convince customers. No day is the same for them. This is completely different with ‘the necessary evil’: having to do administrative work 

Administrative tasks often require repetitive, routine efforts that leave little room for the creative aspects of the work. “I didn’t enter this profession to do boring repetitive work, did I?” could easily be a comment from a car dealer salesperson. Quite understandable if you put yourself in his or her shoes.

Complex internal systems

We also wrote about this in our previous blog: the amount of complex, often outdated systems makes managing administrative tasks frustrating and time-consuming. This can result in errors, delays and growing frustration among account managers. The worst thing that can happen to you as a car dealer? That is the following: 

An impending or permanent departure

Commercial employees are also scarce in the automotive industry. This means that they can switch to your competitor relatively easily. When the administrative burden becomes too heavy, talented professionals can consider working elsewhere, where administrative tasks are less time-consuming and they experience more job satisfaction. 

Want to keep your account managers on board?

Which can! By investing in modern software and systems that automate repetitive administrative tasks. This gives account managers the freedom to focus on their strengths: building relationships and closing deals. In addition, unnecessary administrative actions are prevented, making your sales team even more productive (doing more with the same number of people).

Please contact us if, like us, you also believe that the focus should be on sales instead of time-consuming administration.

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