Time waste becomes time gain: the successful seller in the automotive industry

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Time waste becomes time gain: the successful seller in the automotive industry
Gepubliceerd op December 6, 2023

Do you know what administrative time gain means for a seller? On the one hand, it leaves time to do what he/she is good at: selling! On the other hand, it prevents precious hours from being wasted because, let’s be honest, the sales department is generally well-paid. Where that time waste is and how you can achieve time gain is what you’ll read in this blog.

Daily searching as time waste

Something that might be familiar from practice: a customer calls, something needs to be looked up. The required information was provided by a supplier. ‘Where did I save it again?’ It’s checked with a colleague or sales manager. ‘I must have it somewhere, but where…’ is the answer. 

Spending a lot of time to complete sales files

No car salesperson needs to be told that there are dozens of documents in a sales file. The quote, the registration certificate, the trade-in valuation, the maintenance history, delivery terms, warranty information, and much more demand a significant amount of time daily due to administrative hours. Often, everything is scanned digitally one by one, and then the paper documents are stored somewhere in a folder.

Internal discussions

In the worst case, the effective selling time is reduced by percentages per day because internal discussions arise. It can happen that information customers want is no longer findable. Then, explanations are due. The discussion can also arise with the IT manager facing significant challenges in backup. ‘If so much information is stored decentral, how do I maintain grip and control?’ Backup, as well as security, are then compromised.

Manual hassle, switching between systems

Finally, much time is often lost manually transferring information from one place to another. An email from a customer to a CRM or DMS system might be a recognizable example of this.

This is how you gain time

Using our solution DocBase prevents unnecessary time loss. This happens, among other things, for the following reasons:

  • Scanned documents are intelligently recognized and automatically stored in the right destination using AI. Moreover, you can place all documents of a sales file on the scanner at once.
  • Daily searches for information are prevented because DocBase integrates with other systems, such as SAM and Autoline. This means you have everything in one central place and can serve customers rapidly.
  • DocBase utilizes metadata. Therefore, you don’t have to think about which folder something is stored in; you are provided with where it might be.
  • We are familiar with how efficient workflows should be set up in the automotive industry. This means we do everything to eliminate unnecessary actions.
  • The seller no longer has to worry about completeness. If something is missing, they automatically receive a warning.

More time for sales?

If you can save hours of administrative burden per seller every day, it also means you can do more with existing commercial people. In places where account managers are scarce, this can be an additional positive message. 

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